How to Gain Twitter Followers

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Get More Twitter Followers

One of the great obsessions for social media users is the quest to get more Twitter followers. This includes social media managers who look after client accounts. Some social media account managers even work towards Twitter follower increases as KPIs (key performance indicators).

Not all Twitter followers are equal

While seeing your Twitter follower count rise may be a great boost to your ego, there is more to consider. Not all followers are equal!

When thinking about the followers you have or are trying to attract, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How influential are my followers?
  2. Are my followers respected or authoritative in my industry?
  3. Do they often retweet people they follow?
  4. How many followers do my followers have?
  5. Are they critical or positive most of the time?
  6. Did they follow me just trying to get a follow back?

Many Twitter users are only interested in seeing their follower count increase. They don’t read your tweets, nor will they share them. These followers are effectively useless to you.

Other users are heavily engaged in their industry and often share the love by retweeting useful tweets. Serious influencers are often part of this group. These are your ideal followers that you should engage with and seek to attract as part of your Twitter marketing strategy.

Everyone else falls somewhere in-between (excluding the trolls of course).

Anyone who follows more than a couple hundred other accounts is highly unlikely to ever read your tweets. Don’t expect anything from this lot.

Getting free Twitter followers

I say free Twitter followers because there are (dubious) ways to buy followers. I am not going to explain how because I don’t encourage the practice or want to promote those that do.

My advice: DO NOT pay for any service that buys Twitter followers. Unless of course you are happy to have a junk audience and run the risk of account suspension (yes, it happens all the time).

Here are a few ways to get more Twitter followers:

  1. Follow other accounts.
    I don’t mean just anyone (see my comments above). Follow accounts that stay on topic, especially influential tweeters who retweet.
  2. Make Twitter social widgets available on your website.
    Make sure you have either a social sharing tool such as AddThis on your site or the native Twitter follow button to encourage following.
  3. Retweet related accounts.
    This is a great way to bring your account to the attention of other account owners. If you are tweeting good stuff, they will probably follow you back.

Twitter account management

To maximise Twitter relationships while also making the management process fun and easy while managing client accounts I use SocialBro – this is a Twitter power tool!

Using this tool I can do a huge amount of account investigation such as filtering Twitter accounts when looking for influencers and people that I should follow, see the activity levels of each account and significantly speed up and range of other processes. There is so much more…

I also like that you can automate a number of tasks including customised messages that go out at times that I specify.

Give SocialBro a go, at least for the trial period. I think you’ll love it too.


Don’t just look at your follower count as the benchmark for success. Keep the quality of your followers in mind at all times and don’t bother with strategies that attract junk followers.