Say No to Facebook Forcing Kaspersky Virus Software

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Facebook Secure Your Account with Kaspersky

I am one of the people today being greeted by a highly unusual Facebook message when trying to log into my account. (Take a look at this screenshot above.)

This is very suspicious. Since they have not yet scanned my computer, why are they convinced it is infected? How can they make this assumption – unless they know they are the source of a malware infection (looking at you Facebook)!

When I log into some other Facebook accounts, this message doesn’t appear. So, do they still think I’m infected, or not?

After clicking the ‘Get Started’ button you are presented with the following:

Facebook Forcing KasperskyDownload

Um, what?!?! Facebook wants me to install Kaspersky malware scanning software? No chance!

Since when did we have to start taking advice from a social media network on what virus software our computer need to run? If they have a vulnerability, that’s their problem!

This whole situation seems very strange. I can only imagine what Kaspersky have paid for this privilege.

By the way Facebook, MyAfee seem to think I’ll be just fine without your fear mongering and strong-arming.

No Malware Proof

Even if Facebook are legitimately trying to act in it’s users best interests, forcing people to install Kaspersky software is not the way to go.

If they know they are the source of a virus then they should make that known to all of the leading virus software protection providers. Instead, this looks like a deal struck with Kaspersky to boost their subscriber base.

What about you? Will you be installing Kaspersky software at the behest of Facebook?