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Here I’ll share ideas, suggestions and observations on managing social media accounts professionally. Social media management is a powerful tool for engaging your clients and customers however using it well is a little more tricky than many people realise.

Facebook Secure Your Account with Kaspersky

Say No to Facebook Forcing Kaspersky Virus Software

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I am one of the people today being greeted by a highly unusual Facebook message when trying to log into my account. (Take a look at this screenshot above.) This is very suspicious. Since they have not yet scanned my computer, why are they convinced it is infected? How can they make this assumption – unless […]

What Social Media Should Achieve

What Your Social Media Should Be Achieving

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Before you go on the hunt for a professional social media management consultant you need to decide what it is that you expect your social media to achieve. A professional consultant will introduce you to new ideas, however you should have a clear understanding as to why you are using social media in the first […]

Get More Twitter Followers

How to Gain Twitter Followers

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One of the great obsessions for social media users is the quest to get more Twitter followers. This includes social media managers who look after client accounts. Some social media account managers even work towards Twitter follower increases as KPIs (key performance indicators). Not all Twitter followers are equal While seeing your Twitter follower count rise may […]