Twitter Marketing and Remarketing

Twitter Marketing & Remarketing

Twitter marketing can be very effective, for the right type of campaign. Get it wrong, however, and you may just end up annoying a lot of people.

Don’t be scared off though. A professional social media marketing strategy will almost always include Twitter as one of it’s channels.

Twitter Marketing Done Right

As with most big digital advertising platforms, there are two fundamental ways you can use Twitter marketing.

  • Direct marketing – here you choose your targeting methods based on available criterion (options differ slightly in each geographic region).
  • Remarketing – as with other remarketing services, this uses (Twitter) tags on your website to target previous visitors.

Deciding which you use or even how you use them in combination will determine your Twitter advertising success.

Direct Marketing

With this approach you need to be very careful not to annoy people. Twitter users are particularly sensitive to paid tweets that don’t interest them. People can block your Twitter account and report you, direct from your ads themselves, if they are not of any interest to them.

That said, the right offer or message aimed at the right audience can be very effective at garnering interest in your product or services. You may even get direct sales or conversions, although this isn’t really to goal of Twitter advertising.

Twitter is best suited as a lead generation tool to build interest.

Twitter Remarketing

In my experience, using remarketing is where Twitter works best for commercial advertising.

Remarketing lists are populated with people that we know have a demonstrated interest in what you do. This group of people are therefore ideal recipients for your offers and related marketing communications.

Adding Twitter to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

I use Twitter as part of a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for my clients. Knowing when and how to use it is critical.

While I don’t manage Twitter ad accounts as a stand alone service, it is included as part of the full social media marketing service that I provide.

Contact me if you would like to discuss your online marketing, and how Twitter can be injected into the mix!