Social Media Management

Social media management refers to the professional management of social media accounts with the goal of developing the greatest possible (positive) interaction with your fans and followers.

By implementing a robust social media strategy this channel becomes very effective at promoting your business’s products or services. It also provides an opportunity to be more personable than is possible with other forms of online marketing.

Social Media ConsultantThere are many reasons why businesses engage in social media. Those that do it well tend to be highly responsive, open and willing to provide the resources needed to maintain the effort.

It is important to be aware that there is a distinction between social media management, which we are talking about here, and social media marketing.

The role of social media consultants

As a social media consultant, my job is to plan and manage how your social media accounts are used to engage your target audiences.

Professional consultants stay on top of the continual changes in the social media landscape and how to coordinate these tools to benefit your business. To do this efficiently we often use specialised software. This software and various other tools assists us in staying ahead of your competitors, and keeping costs low.

It is important that us consultants develop an excellent understanding of what your fans and followers expect from your social media.

There is always a tone or vibe that develops within social media accounts. We need to tap into it and ensure that we provide a great experience for your users. This will also result in a positive boost to your brand equity.

When to hire a social media manager

Once your social media accounts develop reasonable follower numbers or if social media is seen as an important channel for your business then it is time to hire a consultant.

Professional social media managers know what works, the current trends and the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. This positions us perfectly as people who can maximise your social presence as a lead or conversion generating tool.

You don’t need to hire an entire social media agency. In fact, this approach usually means that you end up paying for a whole bunch of people who do very little for you. An expert consultant will do the job without the overhead.

Thinking of hiring an expert?

When someone contacts me regarding social media management it is very useful if you have your business goals and objectives ready. A basic assessment can be made right away as to the direction your organisation should head in.

To get started simply get in contact with me. We can then look at how best to proceed without any obligation.