Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been around since it became known that search engines use ranking algorithms to decide which search results they would return to their users. SEO is as important today as it ever has been however things have changed quite dramatically over the past two decades.

If you have heard anyone say “SEO is dead” then you’ve been in the presence of someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about (or who fails miserably at it). Ignore search engine optimisation at your peril.

Making SEO work for you

Search engine optimisation needs to be part of your broader digital marketing strategy. Its place is at the very start of the digital journey that a potential client may take towards converting one of your goals. This is often called the acquire phase in marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO ConsultantSo, SEOs role is to get people to visit your website and learning about your products or services.

A typical SEO project will start with a thorough overhaul of your website to sort out the obvious issues. This may result in some quick wins but it is just the start.

After establishing a solid foundation you can move on to more technical search engine optimisation strategies which continue to build upon previous work. SEO is a cumulative process, not a one-off surgical strike.

What to expect from an SEO expert

When you hire a professional search engine optimisation consultant you can expect them to apply best practices while staying well away from black-hat methods (strategies that will get your site removed from search engines).

Please keep this in mind however: there are no guarantees in SEO. Anyone who promises top positions is either deliberately misleading you or they simply have no idea about search engine optimisation.

As you might expect there is no single or master strategy for successful SEO. Instead we rely on everything that we have learned over the years, the results from our previous efforts, industry news and best practice recommendations.

As your SEO consultant my job is to coordinate the tasks required to deliver a continual improvement of your search engines rankings for important keywords. Just as importantly, we need to maintain your current rankings to stave off competitors who are also using SEO.