Remarketing Campaign Management

Remarketing is a powerful tool for online advertisers that targets people who have already visited your website or other online properties that can placeĀ tracking pixels.

Note that this technique does not track specific people. Instead, the pixels track specific devices (as long as they accept cookies, which most do).

No personal information is stored with a tracking pixel as per privacy laws and the terms and conditions of each platform. However this isn’t a problem since remarketing works extremely well simply by knowing which device to target.

Where remarketing can be used

There are a number of places where remarketing can be used. They include:

  • The Google search and display networks.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.

Online Remarketing AdvertisingRemarketing is essentially an extension to, or augmentation of, PPC marketing.

Google Adwords remarketing is particularly powerful since it integrates directly with your Google Analytics account. This allows us to create highly customised remarketing lists built upon Google Analytics data.

Due to the popularity of remarketing thus far, it is likely that other social media platforms that offer advertising will soon follow with a remarketing product of their own.

Remarketing strategy

Because remarketing targets people who have already visited your website it is very useful during the conversion phase of a digital marketing strategy.

Remarketing can also be used during the retention phase where we work on retaining existing customers, up-selling and cross-selling to increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

My role as your remarketing consultant is to design and manage effective strategies that take advantage of situations where this tactic will boost conversions.

I must also ensure that you are using it legally with the correct remarketing preparations being put in place.

Ready to try remarketing?

I can tell you that this is definitely a method of advertising that you should include as part of your overall digital marketing tactics. I’ve had a lot of success in rolling out and managing remarketing campaigns for clients, especially on the Google Display Network (said to reach up to 80% of all internet users) and on Facebook.

It is important that your marketing consultant understands the scope and limitations of each platform to avoid approval delays, rejected campaigns and to simply be better at it than your competitors.

Remarketing is certainly one of my favourite areas of online marketing so get in contact with me if you would like to have a conversation about working together.