Bing PPC Advertising Consultant

Bing, the Microsoft search engine, offers its own brand of PPC marketing. Bing advertising (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Bing Adwords) is limited when compared to other PPC advertising platforms, however, it can be useful for some advertisers.

While most PPC consultants avoid using Bing Ads, I do have clients with active campaigns on the Bing advertising system here in Australia.

Is Bing PPC worth it?

There are many differences between Bing advertising and say Google Adwords.

The cons of Bing ads:

  • The Bing system is primitive compared to Adwords with limited tools.
  • Ads on Bing attract far fewer impressions since Bing search is not as popular as Google search.
  • Far fewer keywords trigger ad impressions on Bing.
  • Remarketing is not as effective (by a large margin) compared to Google, Facebook or even Twitter remarketing.

The pros of Bing ads:

  • There if far less competition.
  • The average CPC is often much lower.
  • Smaller budgets can sometimes capture 100% impression share.

Whether you choose to use Bing PPC advertising is a decision you are best able to make after trialling the system. It may prove to be very useful, then again it may not generate enough ad impressions, clicks or conversions.

All this depends on your industry.

Want to try Bing Ads?

I am able to provide comprehensive campaign management for Bing advertising campaigns.

Setting up a couple of small trial campaigns is my usual first step, just to see whether it is worth spending more time and money expanding your account. From there we can make a better judgement on how or if we should proceed any further.

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