Digital Analytics Analysis

Being able to thoroughly investigate website performance and online marketing results is a crucial skill for an internet marketing consultant. Each day we analyse dimensions and metrics to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is on track to reach its objectives.

Note: Website analytics should be in place before you start digital marketing.

What is measured with digital analytics?

One of the greatest features of online marketing is its measurability. Almost everything we do is being measured, providing insight into the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and where they can be improved or expanded.

Website Analytics ConsultantToday website analytics software is highly advanced. Even the free tools such as Google Analytics provide enough data to keep us busy day and night. This is why your digital marketing consultant must have advanced understanding of key digital metrics and what influences them.

Digital analytics doesn’t only tell you what has happened but what hasn’t happened. This is how we find bottlenecks in conversion funnels, broken parts of your website and parts of your site that can be optimised.

Other tools such as heat mapping and scroll analysis tell us about how users interact with your key web pages. This is very useful for landing page optimisation.

Using a consultant to manage your analytics

Because your analytics data plays such an important role in the success of a website, app or social media account you need to ensure tracking is implemented properly. For example, goals need to be defined, segments created, conversion funnels need to be monitored and so on.

All of this measurement must also be coordinated to meet your business goals and objectives.

Something I tell all of my clients is that bad data is worse than no data because at least with no data you may guess right. Bad data will send you in the wrong direction every time.

Bottom line – you must make sure that your analytics information is as accurate as possible.

Failure to measure a successful marketing campaign may cause you to abandon a highly converting channel, handing your competitors an advantage. That’s not acceptable.

Take the steps necessary to properly implement your digital analytics before doing anything else.

Let’s get it sorted

Don’t mess about. Contact me now and we can get started implementing the analytics tracking code on your website.

Once we have some data to assess I can look into your analytics results and reveal the insights that will guide your next steps.

Better decisions are just around the corner.