Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is one of the more recent terms that has emerged in the internet advertising world. It is also a term that is still misunderstood.

We are not talking about copywriting (sales), SEO content writing or even advertorials here. In fact, there is no direct marketing element to it at all.

Instead, this strategy refers to creating content that helps solve a problem or provides other useful information to people who may become leads later on.

Content marketing is more akin to brand building than sales and marketing, yet even that is too demanding as a generalisation.

How we use content marketing

For best effect content marketing should take your audience on a journey. This journey gives them valuable information while building your reputation as having an excellent body of knowledge and experience in your field.

Content Marketing ConsultantThrough tools like social listening and keyword research we can discover what people are talking about and what sort of things they need help with. From there we can plan a content strategy to address those discussions, positioning your organisation as an authority.

Ultimately your company becomes the “go-to” source for help and information. This puts you at the top of your target audience’s mind when they look for paid services or products for their organisation.

As a bonus, and despite not being an SEO endeavour per se, content marketing tends to have a positive impact on your SEO rankings. Why? Because this process often produces content that other people want to link to, share on social media and reference in articles.

Content Marketing is one of the most effective strategies in digital marketing.

Getting started

Content marketing is a long term strategy and requires an ongoing commitment to planning and a steady content production pipeline. This content often comes from the people within an organisation itself. Additionally, external writers and audiovisual content producers can be hired to supplement the effort.

My role as your content marketing consultant is to plan and coordinate the execution of your content strategy.

The days of getting up, going to work and writing any old blog post are gone. That simply won’t cut it.

We need to plan your content, its timing, how it supports and builds upon the content you have already published and so-on.

Ready to get started?

Contact me and we can look at how content marketing can be used to improve your business’ success online.