The Boring Truth About Modern SEO

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SEO Text Content

Still looking for the secret to eternal search engine optimisation (SEO) success? Are you wondering what the websites ranking better than yours are doing differently?

The answer is almost a let-down. Too simple to be true as far as most people are concerned. What is it?

ANSWER: Lot’s of text content.

Sorry, but its true.

Producing text content should dominate your SEO efforts

There was a time when tweaking the hell out of your website, creating link wheels and spamming links all over the place worked as an SEO strategy. If you still believe that this is the case, you’ve probably been locked away for quite a number of years.

Burn this into your brain right now: NOTHING will help boost your search engine rankings like frequently adding lots of text content to your website.

Of course, there are still a large number of other factors, but text content will have one of the greatest impacts over time – along with organic inbound links.

Don’t forget the basics

When producing content for SEO purposes there are a few things you need to get right along the way.

You’ve probably heard these rules before, but let’s have a quick refresh:

  • Use HTML properly. That means correct use of tags, link and image mark-up. Get your semantic HTML right.
  • Write for people, then optimise for SEO purposes. Your readers must come first (Google is getting really good at spotting well written content).
  • Make the content scannable. Together with the other rules this will ensure you have used a good writing style and appropriate mark-up.
  • Aim for at least 600 words per page or post. The more the better, but don’t pad or bloat the content just to add word count.
  • Add content frequently and consistently. Throwing up a whole bunch of material and then leaving it for six months is not the most effective approach.

Is content really that effective for SEO?

I hope that reads as a rhetorical question!

Content is crucial. As I continue work on client projects as a SEO consultant, I am seeing more and more evidence that supports the theory that content volume is one of the current top ranking factors for major search engines.

When analysing competitors for my clients it is almost always the case that, all things being fairly equal, those with lots of text content and frequent posts do better in the search rankings. It’s undeniable.

Those who make the effort, win

When I tell clients that we need to seriously boost content production, I tend to get one of two responses:

  1. “Let’s get onto it. The sooner the better.” OR;
  2. “Oh, ummm….we don’t really have anyone that can write content. Is there something else we can do?”

Which do you think ends up dominating their competition?

I realise that content production is a challenge. I do. But it is absolutely necessary if you are serious about winning the SEO battle.

If you really don’t have an internal resource that can write for you, find a freelancer. Don’t want to? Well, you better be prepared to pour serious budget into PPC marketing to stand a chance of getting search engine traffic.

At times you may struggle to find ideas to write about. It can be tough. Regardless, stick to the task and be patient. Good things will come.


I don’t offer writing/copy-writing as a service. I’m not trying to sell you anything here.

All I want you to take away is that text content, as simple as it may seem, is one of the most powerful tools for dominating search engine results pages at this time.

Actually, I’d probably keep this a secret if it was at all possible. Unfortunately for us SEO experts, the proof is out there for anyone to see.