Using Google Adwords Without Expert Help

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Failed to Learn Adwords

If you are contemplating using Google Adwords for the first time, perhaps as a small business owner or entrepreneur, then you need to make a decision. Do you manage your account yourself or do you hire a professional Adwords account manager to do it for you?

In this post I’m going to address those of you who can’t really afford to hire a consultant like me to do the heavy lifting for you. In most cases I would say that is anyone with a monthly budget less than $10,000. I say this because account owners with budgets less than this often find that the consultant/agency fee is a significant portion of their overall budget.

OK lone rangers, here’s what I want you to think about…

With Adwords, knowledge is power!

Google Adwords is now a vast, potentially complicated tool. I say ‘potentially’ complicated because in the hands of someone who really knows the system and who has considerable experience it can be highly customised for optimal results. At the same time however it will provide enough rope to hang yourself if you aren’t sure what you are doing as it can be deceptively simple at first glance.

So what do you do if you can’t quite afford to hire a pro? What if your only option is to do it yourself?

Learn the basics…no seriously

Unless you are a financial sadist and enjoy throwing money away you will need to invest some time learning the basics. I know, I know, taking the time to learn how to use a piece of software may not sound very interesting however learning the core elements of the Adwords system will be worth the effort.

Learning the basics doesn’t mean going through the entire Google Adwords Certification program. That’s for people like me who do this professionally and it requires a serious time investment. By all means, go for it if you are really interested in mastering the system but if you are just getting started it may be too full-on.

Where should you go to get started learning the basics?

Beginning your Adwords learning path

I’d suggest you head over to the Adwords YouTube Channel. Here you will find some great explainer videos that will ease you into the world of Adwords without overwhelming you with too much detail. Most of us would prefer to watch videos than to read mundane text documents so this is a great resource.

For a quick introduction I recommend that you watch the handful of videos that make up their Five Steps to Adwords Success playlist.

Next, check out the For New Advertisers: Adwords Basics playlist.

From there you can explore other videos in the channel.

Here’s a quick taste. It’s a video from the Google Adwords Channel titled: Making 10 Minutes Count On Your AdWords Account

Once you have watched the videos mentioned above you will be on your way to becoming an effective DIY Adwords manager. There is still a lot to learn but you have made those first few steps, keep going!

Need an Account Manager after all?

If you feel you may benefit from hiring a professional Adwords manager then feel free to contact me for advice. I am a Google Partner certified in using the Adwords platform.