How to get email alerts when Adwords Campaigns expire

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If you are the person who currently looks after the Google Adwords account for your organisation then chances are you have some of the automation tools turned on that will alert you when certain events happen within your account. Automation is a real time saver for an Adwords account manager and if you aren’t using it to some extent already then I’d urge you to look into it.

The following content will introduce you to a free script that I have created that you can use in your own Adwords accounts.

The problem

One thing that I like to know first thing each morning is which campaigns across all my client’s accounts expired yesterday (that is, which campaigns reached their end date). At present, this isn’t something you can request an alert for using the default Adwords automation tools.

So how do we do this?

The solution

Enter Adwords Scripts. Scripting is something that the vast majority of Adwords account managers seem to avoid despite the power and flexibility it offers.

I come from a programming background and so writing some JavaScript, seen as a very basic language by programmers, is not a big deal. That said I can see how scripting would seem daunting if you’ve never ‘cut code‘ before. But don’t fear, my script doesn’t require ANY programming knowledge as you will see.

The ‘Adwords Campaign Expired Yesterday’ script

Getting back to my need for a daily alert for expired campaigns, I decided to write a script that would send me an email listing every campaign, by name, which had an expiry date set to sometime yesterday.

The resulting script is quite short and very easy to use. The only thing you need to change within the script is to enter the email address where you would like the alerts to go. This is clearly marked and appears near the top of the script.
Adwords Campaign Expired Script
Get your hands on it!

If you would like to use my script so that you too can get an alert when any of your campaigns expire then you can access it for free via my GitHub account at:

If you have never visited GitHub before then you may find it a little confronting but for the purpose of accessing my script you don’t need to be alarmed. Simply click on the filename adwords_campaign_expired.js and you will see my script. From there you can copy it ready for pasting into your Adwords account(s).

Instructions for using the script are found at the GitHub link above and you don’t need to know anything about scripting to implement it. It’s a simple cut ‘n’ paste process as you will see in the instructions.

While the script is free to use all I ask is that you keep the copyright notice in place which is required as part of the License.

Enhancing the script

While the version I have made available is quite basic there are a number of changes that you may want to make if you are comfortable with scripting. For example I have enhanced the version I use on client accounts to include the following in my alert emails:

  • The Google Adwords logo at the top.
  • Formatted fonts.
  • A HTML formatted list to hold the campaign names.
  • Links to the Adwords login for quick access.

To get more information on scripting within Google Adwords visit

Going forward

I suggest that you keep an eye on the GitHub link that I provided above if you want to be kept in the loop with changes or enhancements. Alternatively you can follow my social media accounts where I also announce updates (see the links in the footer of the Justin Taylor Consulting website).

Good luck!