Your Adwords Competitors Won’t Hold Back

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For many businesses, their first foray into the world of Google Adwords involves setting up very basic campaigns just to “see how it goes”. Google knows this of course and so they go out of their way to encourage new users to jump right in.

Unfortunately for new comers, their competitors already using Adwords have probably progressed to using advanced features, and have worked out how to use them effectively.

Common problems in basic Adwords accounts

In my role as a Google Adwords Consultant it is not uncommon to see the following types of problem:

  • Poorly organised campaigns and ad groups.
  • Budgets being wasted on the wrong keywords.
  • Incorrect keyword modifier use.
  • Poorly written ads.
  • Conversion tracking not being set up.

There are more of course, but these are the most prevalent.

If you are not familiar with using Adwords then it isn’t hard to make one of these mistakes. At this time, the Google Adwords system itself won’t stop you from making them either.

Is Adwords competition really that high?

In short, yes. You may be really lucky and have few competitors to deal with, but chances are your industry is one that has numerous businesses taking this advertising medium very seriously.

Since there are often many businesses jostling for the best ad positions, you need to get it right. Otherwise, you will spend too much money and convert less often.

There are a lot of factors that affect your ability to compete effectively. So how do you ensure that your account optimal?

Learn the system, or hire someone that does

If your business is going to make the most of the opportunities that Adwords provides then you need to get serious.

Your options are pretty simple:

  • Either learn the “ins and outs” of Google Adwords yourself, or;
  • Hire a professional Adwords expert.

If you are going to try and learn everything yourself then there is a lot of work ahead of you. It isn’t rocket science, but there is a lot to learn. Even expert consultants such as myself find the documentation to be a little dry.

So, maybe you need to think about hiring a pro.

While it will cost you more to hire an expert to manage your Google PPC advertising for you, the benefits are many.

For example, I am a certified Google Partner. This means that I have proven to Google, through ongoing examinations and real client account management, that I know the system and can use it at a professional level. This gives clients peace of mind.

Also, as the Adwords system continues to mature, it changes. I am therefore required to keep up with the changes to ensure my certification status and that my clients are properly serviced.

Anyone with Google Partner status must meet this standard.

Should YOU hire an Adwords expert?

To be honest, there is only one thing you really need to consider – can you afford to pay one?

Paying a professional will increase your costs and this needs to be factored into your overall cost per acquisition. If however, you are happy to pay the management fee then hiring a professional is a no-brainer.

Small business owners tend to look after this sort of stuff themselves, which is completely understandable. Serious ad budgets on the other hand need serious management.

If you would like to discuss working together then contact me to start our talk.