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Articles about PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, often from a PPC consultant’s position and how clients can get the most from outsourcing a to an expert PPC manager. These articles may cover a variety of PPC platforms including Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Bing Advertising, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Advertising.

Google AdWords Recommendations

Be Wary of AdWords Recommendations

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If you are managing a Google AdWords account (or a bunch of them) and are tempted by the recommendations that Google AdWords offer, slow down. Don’t accept these recommendations blindly assuming they will work for you simply because Google is telling you they will. Google is using more artificial intelligence (AI) all the time, investing […]

Google Adwords Chart

Your Adwords Competitors Won’t Hold Back

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For many businesses, their first foray into the world of Google Adwords involves setting up very basic campaigns just to “see how it goes”. Google knows this of course and so they go out of their way to encourage new users to jump right in. Unfortunately for new comers, their competitors already using Adwords have […]

Optimising Google Adwords Using Exclusion

Optimising Adwords Display Campaigns Using Exclusion

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Advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN) provides an enticing set of targeting options to Adwords campaign managers. If you aren’t careful, however, you can easily end up displaying your ads to a huge number of people who don’t fit within your target audience. I have noticed that even the most inexperienced Adwords manager feels […]

Bing Advertising Bing PPC

Bing Advertising – Is it worth it?

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When digital marketing consultants talk about PPC advertising, Bing advertising is not high on the agenda. Given the range of options and reach provided by competitors such as Google Adwords and Facebook, it is easy to see why Bing advertising struggles to make it into the digital marketing mix. There are some benefits to using Bing […]

Google Adwords Management Landing Pages

Google Adwords Management Includes Landing Pages

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Getting the fundamentals of Google Adwords management right is easy to achieve if you understand the Adwords system and a handful of best practices. I’m not talking about advanced tactics, or the type of professional management advantages that an expert PPC manager provides. I’m just talking about the basics. Unfortunately, poor Adwords management is all […]

Google Adwords Display Category Options

Google Adwords Display Network Category Options

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If you have any Google Adwords campaigns that target the Google Display Network (GDN) then there are some settings that you really need to take a look at. These are the category settings, and they can be very important if your brand is sensitive about where your ads are seen. If you aren’t the person […]

Google Adwords Marketing Consultant

10 Common Google Adwords Management Mistakes

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As a Google Adwords manager you often get hired to take over Adwords accounts that were set-up by other people with varying levels of skill. After a while it becomes apparent that there are a number of mistakes or poor management practices that seem to recur. Below I’ll highlight 10 of the most common problems. […]

Google Adwords Certified Consultant

Certified Google Adwords Consultants

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If you are looking into hiring a pay-per-click (PPC) manager to look after your PPC advertising you have probably heard about Google Adwords Certified consultants. What does it mean to be Adwords certified? Let me explain. What is a Google Adwords Consultant? I should start by mentioning that I am a Google Partner however this […]

Failed to Learn Adwords

Using Google Adwords Without Expert Help

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If you are contemplating using Google Adwords for the first time, perhaps as a small business owner or entrepreneur, then you need to make a decision. Do you manage your account yourself or do you hire a professional Adwords account manager to do it for you? In this post I’m going to address those of […]

Remove Apps Adwords Targeting Options

Minimising Invalid Clicks in Google Adwords

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One of the key skills for any Google AdWords advertiser is the ability to create highly targeted campaigns that minimise the potential for invalid clicks. “Invalid clicks” is a definition within Google Adwords used to describe clicks that were the result of both accidental ad clicks and also clicks performed by suspicious users in an […]