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This collection of articles cover E-commerce and the numerous benefits to businesses who offer an online purchasing solution to their clients and customers. Just about every development in the website and apps world affects e-commerce so it is a fast moving area.

Personas Guide Ecommerce Marketing

Using Personas to Guide E-commerce Marketing

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One of the most useful tools that a marketing strategist can use when planning a digital marketing strategy are personas. Using personas is nothing new, however many people involved in online marketing still don’t use them. So let’s take another look at this marketing tool and see how we can put personas to use when marketing on the […]

Online Sales for Offline Stores

Getting E-commerce Sales For Offline Stores

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There are many reasons offered up by offline retail store operators as to why they still haven’t bothered creating an online store to sell their products. While not every product is suited to online sales, far more retailers could be taking advantage of online sales software (shopping carts). If you or someone you know manages […]