Get More People to Read Your Content Marketing

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Get People to Read Content Marketing

This post looks at several of the lesser used channels that are great at getting people to read the content marketing articles published on your blog or website. Despite being right under the nose of internet marketers, these channels often get overlooked in favour of popular social media platforms.

The following suggestions aren’t free, however they are generally low-cost in most cases, depending on your targeting.

Before you get started

For best effect, make sure it easy to share your content by providing social media sharing tools such as those provided by services like AddThis. While content marketing is about building relationships with your readers, it doesn’t hurt if they want to share your content with others along the way.

So then, here they are…

Reddit advertising

I have promoted articles via Reddit advertising for some time now and found it to be very cost effective. Assuming the ad targeting options give you the precision you need for your particular campaign, promoted posts tend to be charged a low cost-per-click (CPC). Take a look at Reddit ad pricing to get an idea.

You can see what it takes to create an ad on Reddit here.

Be selective about what you promote on Reddit. If you promote articles that the communities on Reddit feel are not that great, you may attract some negativity.

Also, spend the time to find the best sub-reddit to promote your content in (if that doesn’t make sense to you, learn how Reddit works first).

StumbleUpon advertising

This is another advertising option that will bring people to your latest article for a fairly low CPC. StumbleUpon Ad pricing varies depending on your budget but even the smallest advertiser will find great value here.

If you give this a try then don’t worry too much about how many ‘likes’ your promoted Stumble gets – the goal here is to get visitors to take a peek at your content marketing articles. If however you get a lot of dislikes, then perhaps you need to review your content.

I have found that StumbleUpon doesn’t always have a content category suitable for the articles you want to promote. Still, the odds of finding a category that is close enough are pretty good.

Paid content syndication

Paid content promotion services can be another effective channel for finding new readers as long as your topics aren’t too unusual.

Something that I’ve noticed when using these services is that their targeting can sometimes be a little off. For example, if you have an article about ‘business health checks’ they may mistake the topic to be about personal health checks and then display your content on health news websites.

Take-away: monitor the websites where your content is being promoted by frequently checking the reporting tools.

Services you may want to try include Outbrain and Taboola. Just be sure to tag the links to your articles using the Google URL Builder if you use Google Analytics.


After doing all the hard work that it takes to produce a great content marketing piece, it is a shame to see it go unappreciated. You need to start building engagement with the content if it is to attract, nurture or convert readers into clients or customers.

You are going to need at least a small budget to get started with the suggestions above, however they are far more cost effective than other options such as Adwords, LinkedIn sponsored posts or even Twitter advertising.

If you have already tried these channels then add your thoughts to the comments below.