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Digital Content

In this section you’ll find articles about digital content both on the web and beyond and its effectiveness in internet marketing campaigns. This includes digital content created for apps and emerging digital technologies that extend beyond the desktop, laptop and pad devices.

Get People to Read Content Marketing

Get More People to Read Your Content Marketing

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This post looks at several of the lesser used channels that are great at getting people to read the content marketing articles published on your blog or website. Despite being right under the nose of internet marketers, these channels often get overlooked in favour of popular social media platforms. The following suggestions aren’t free, however they are generally low-cost in […]

Content Marketing Good For SEO

Why Content Marketing Doubles as Good SEO

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Content marketing is one of the buzzwords still being tossed around by online marketers looking to up their cred as having their finger on the digital pulse. Despite the incessant use of the term, many people still don’t know what it is or what it is used for. The better you understand the strategy, the […]

Wordpress Documentation

Please Document Your WordPress Website

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WordPress is one of the crowd favourites when it comes to building a website that needs a quick and easy Content Management Systems (CMS). I have been a huge fan since a friend introduced me to it years ago, especially since WordPress is great for search engine optimisation (SEO). The popularity of WordPress is leaving […]

Cookie Cutter Content

Don’t Be a Content Cookie Cutter

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Anyone who closely follows internet publishting trends will be well aware that web content production is in a golden age. The number of tools available to content publishers of all skill levels has exploded and users have responded with enthusiasm. But is the content being produced or encouraged by the internet marketing community valuable, or […]