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Conversion Rate Optimisation

These articles are about conversion rate optimisation and conversion funnels in digital marketing and online advertising. Getting visitors is one thing, getting them to convert more efficiently is another.

Landing Page Conversion Optimisation

Why Digital Marketers Love Landing Pages

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When you enlist the services of an internet marketing consultant it won’t be long before they suggest the use of landing pages. We use landing pages to increase the effectiveness of our digital marketing campaigns since they are excellent for improving conversion rates. Where we use landing pages These pages are typically hosted on your website […]

Conversion Rates Too High

When Conversion Rates Get Too High

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Before you scroll down to the comments section and scream “how can conversion rates be too high”, take a look at my reasoning below. Experienced internet marketing consultants won’t be surprised by what I’m about to put forward but if the title of this post seems bizarre, give me a few minutes. Conversion rate optimisation […]