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Get More Twitter Followers

How to Gain Twitter Followers

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One of the great obsessions for social media users is the quest to get more Twitter followers. This includes social media managers who look after client accounts. Some social media account managers even work towards Twitter follower increases as KPIs (key performance indicators). Not all Twitter followers are equal While seeing your Twitter follower count rise may […]

Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter Marketing Strategy

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When working on your Twitter marketing strategy you need to really consider if the Twitter advertising platform is suited to your marketing goals and objectives. While advertising on Twitter is very easy to set-up with a huge potential reach, it isn’t always a wise choice. In fact, it may hurt your brand reputation. How could Twitter […]

Marco Arment Pulls Peace App

Full Marks to Peace App Creator

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I don’t have the time to write as often as I would like however this week I felt compelled to give a shout out to the creator of the ad blocking app Peace, Marco Arment, for his decision to remove this top selling app from the App Store. What is was the Peace app? The Peace […]

Cookie Cutter Content

Don’t Be a Content Cookie Cutter

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Anyone who closely follows internet publishting trends will be well aware that web content production is in a golden age. The number of tools available to content publishers of all skill levels has exploded and users have responded with enthusiasm. But is the content being produced or encouraged by the internet marketing community valuable, or […]

Is Link Building Dead?

Is Link Building Worth The Effort?

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One of the great staples of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) fraternity is the practice of link building. That is, getting third party websites to link back to your website to, in theory, improve the SEO rankings for your site. While this has been a long established practice and one of the better known methods […]

Online Reputation Management

Review Websites vs Your Brand’s Reputation

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While review websites are a well established presence on the Internet, they continue to grow as both a problem and an opportunity for brands, businesses and organisations of all sizes. Service providers, retailers, political organisations and even charities need to keep a close eye on the conversations people are having about them on third party […]

Web Developers and Broken Promises

Web Developers and Their Promises

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When you agree to pay a business to develop your website you are taking a leap of faith. Most web development sales and marketing people will cheerfully promise you the world, regardless of their development team’s abilities. Over the years I have seen many cases of web developers making promises they fail to keep. Recently […]

Failed to Learn Adwords

Using Google Adwords Without Expert Help

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If you are contemplating using Google Adwords for the first time, perhaps as a small business owner or entrepreneur, then you need to make a decision. Do you manage your account yourself or do you hire a professional Adwords account manager to do it for you? In this post I’m going to address those of […]

Remove Apps Adwords Targeting Options

Minimising Invalid Clicks in Google Adwords

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One of the key skills for any Google AdWords advertiser is the ability to create highly targeted campaigns that minimise the potential for invalid clicks. “Invalid clicks” is a definition within Google Adwords used to describe clicks that were the result of both accidental ad clicks and also clicks performed by suspicious users in an […]

Facebook Ads Lottery

Facebook’s Image Ad Lottery

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In a previous blog post titled ‘Surviving Facebook Advertising’s Ad Approval Process‘ I mentioned the inconsistency in the application of Ad Guidelines by the editors of Facebook Advertising. Specifically, the limit of 20% text in any images used in Facebook Ads or Sponsored Posts (section III, part D of the Facebook ad guidelines at the […]