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Experimenting With Digital Marketing

Experimenting With Digital Marketing

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An important habit for successful digital marketing managers is to continually experiment with the full range of online marketing tools available. Doing the same thing day-in, day-out, will only take you so far. Unfortunately it is not unusual for even the companies that hire digital marketing experts to baulk at the idea of trying something […]

Google Adwords Marketing Consultant

10 Common Google Adwords Management Mistakes

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As a Google Adwords manager you often get hired to take over Adwords accounts that were set-up by other people with varying levels of skill. After a while it becomes apparent that there are a number of mistakes or poor management practices that seem to recur. Below I’ll highlight 10 of the most common problems. […]

Landing Page Conversion Optimisation

Why Digital Marketers Love Landing Pages

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When you enlist the services of an internet marketing consultant it won’t be long before they suggest the use of landing pages. We use landing pages to increase the effectiveness of our digital marketing campaigns since they are excellent for improving conversion rates. Where we use landing pages These pages are typically hosted on your website […]

Wordpress SEO Code

Things SEO Consultants Wish All WordPress Themes Included

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Note: This post refers to a self-hosted version of WordPress, not a free site hosted on WordPress.com. WordPress is an extraordinarily popular blogging platform that evolved to become the content management system (CMS) of choice for millions of website owners. One of the great attractions for website owners and web designers alike is the ease […]

Conversion Rates Too High

When Conversion Rates Get Too High

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Before you scroll down to the comments section and scream “how can conversion rates be too high”, take a look at my reasoning below. Experienced internet marketing consultants won’t be surprised by what I’m about to put forward but if the title of this post seems bizarre, give me a few minutes. Conversion rate optimisation […]

Will Apps Kill Websites

Will Apps Kill Websites?

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You don’t need to be a web developer, app programmer or digital media scholar such as Henry Jenkins to have considered a future where apps replace websites as our primary tools for accessing the internet. While it is an interesting thought experiment to ponder, how likely is it really? Did apps usher in Web 3.0? The omni-directional and highly interactive […]

What Does Ad Blocking Achieve

What Does Ad Blocking Actually Achieve?

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I’ll let you know right from the outset that this post is going to present a case against using ad blocking software. It might seem like an obvious position for me to take being that I am an Internet Marketing Consultant but my reasoning goes beyond that. If you have a particular aversion to internet advertising, you […]

Social Media Marketing Budget Strategy

What Works in Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing has been a hot topic for a while now and there are any number of ways you can go about it. But what really works? What is the best way to spend your social media advertising budget and the time it takes to implement your strategy? Below are a few worthwhile talking points. […]

Google Adwords Certified Consultant

Certified Google Adwords Consultants

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If you are looking into hiring a pay-per-click (PPC) manager to look after your PPC advertising you have probably heard about Google Adwords Certified consultants. What does it mean to be Adwords certified? Let me explain. What is a Google Adwords Consultant? I should start by mentioning that I am a Google Partner however this […]

Working With an Internet Marketing Consultant

Working With An Internet Marketing Consultant

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When you hire an Internet Marketing Consultant to augment your marketing team it is important that they maintain synergy with your offline marketing strategy. These strategies need to be complimentary, not contradictory. So how do you go about integrating your online marketing consultant’s services with your other marketing initiatives? Here are some of the things that should be worked out before […]