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SEO Myths

Now Showing at the SEO Museum

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been a part of my professional life since 2001. In that time the practice of optimising websites to attain high search rankings has changed constantly. Unfortunately for anyone learning SEO today there are a lot of myths and outdated practices still being passed around and encouraged when they have no […]

Personas Guide Ecommerce Marketing

Using Personas to Guide E-commerce Marketing

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One of the most useful tools that a marketing strategist can use when planning a digital marketing strategy are personas. Using personas is nothing new, however many people involved in online marketing still don’t use them. So let’s take another look at this marketing tool and see how we can put personas to use when marketing on the […]

Reviewing Online Marketing Strategy

Reviewing Your Online Marketing Strategy

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Depending on which survey you choose to believe you will find that approximately two-thirds of companies that engage in online marketing fail to produce a marketing plan or strategy. And yet they spend significant amounts of time and money trying to generate leads and conversions online. This is a huge mistake. If your organisation is one […]

Online Sales for Offline Stores

Getting E-commerce Sales For Offline Stores

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There are many reasons offered up by offline retail store operators as to why they still haven’t bothered creating an online store to sell their products. While not every product is suited to online sales, far more retailers could be taking advantage of online sales software (shopping carts). If you or someone you know manages […]

Relationship Building Powers Link Building

Link Building Built Upon Good Relationships

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For decades now SEO experts have been link building in the constant pursuit of backlinks for their client’s websites. For many years this was fairly easy and just about any backlink gave a boost in search engine results pages (SERPs) rankings. Today, link building is still very important for SEO however the links that are worth […]

Google Adwords Display Category Options

Google Adwords Display Network Category Options

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If you have any Google Adwords campaigns that target the Google Display Network (GDN) then there are some settings that you really need to take a look at. These are the category settings, and they can be very important if your brand is sensitive about where your ads are seen. If you aren’t the person […]

Get People to Read Content Marketing

Get More People to Read Your Content Marketing

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This post looks at several of the lesser used channels that are great at getting people to read the content marketing articles published on your blog or website. Despite being right under the nose of internet marketers, these channels often get overlooked in favour of popular social media platforms. The following suggestions aren’t free, however they are generally low-cost in […]

Content Marketing Good For SEO

Why Content Marketing Doubles as Good SEO

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Content marketing is one of the buzzwords still being tossed around by online marketers looking to up their cred as having their finger on the digital pulse. Despite the incessant use of the term, many people still don’t know what it is or what it is used for. The better you understand the strategy, the […]

What Social Media Should Achieve

What Your Social Media Should Be Achieving

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Before you go on the hunt for a professional social media management consultant you need to decide what it is that you expect your social media to achieve. A professional consultant will introduce you to new ideas, however you should have a clear understanding as to why you are using social media in the first […]

Wordpress Documentation

Please Document Your WordPress Website

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WordPress is one of the crowd favourites when it comes to building a website that needs a quick and easy Content Management Systems (CMS). I have been a huge fan since a friend introduced me to it years ago, especially since WordPress is great for search engine optimisation (SEO). The popularity of WordPress is leaving […]